Buying vs Building a New House: What are the Costs?

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Moving to a new house can be an overwhelming experience. You may feel the need to shift due to multiple reasons. Whether it is about comfort or privacy needs, a new house can serve you with all that you have dreamt of. Whenever it is about the house, the daunting question always pops up whether to buy or build a new home. Let us try to understand this question from cost point. 

Buying a New House

If you are short on time, it is best to go for buying a new house. It gives you the advantage of moving in immediately without any hassles. It saves your costs of the arrangement of the building materials and skilled professionals. Not to miss  the transportation costs of these materials on the higher side for big houses. Further, buying a home has the advantage of becoming a return-on-investment quickly than building a house. You can compare the different options and can finalize your choice.

Building a New House

The customization of your house is the best advantage of building a new home. There is no need to give thousands of your hard-earned money as brokerage charges. You can further reduce the extra costs like interiors, exteriors, etc., by keeping it within your budget limits only. If you can eliminate the contractor, building a new house can be the best experience of your life. You can keep a strict check on the progress of your house and can suggest modifications accordingly. Further, you can choose the building materials according to your budget. You can also take the help and services of professional home builders.

Buying Vs Building a New House

The cost of buying a new house is roughly around 240,000 Australian dollars, while the same for the building is approximately 230,000 Australian dollars. It should not be neglected here that the costs of building a new house are variable according to the size and the choice of your place. The same is not that much true for the buyer as many factors like location and sewage availability come into play.

Building a new house has the advantage of spending in quantum. You may go for ground floor as of now and expand it to duplex or first floor according to your budgetary needs. The same is not valid while buying a new house as you have to pay at once only. 

Buying a new house invites no hassle that helps you to carry on your regular schedules. Just have a look at the proposed properties and make a decision. It is as simple as that. 


Buying or building a new house has its list of advantages and disadvantages. When we speak about the costs, there is little difference between the two. Buying invites brokerage charges, while building invites contractor and labour management as well. Thus, it is advised to do your homework thoroughly and take help from a professional home builder before you make an appropriate decision. Do not compromise on your basics, as a house is made to give you the best comfort and peace.