3 Tips On How to Find The Best Home Builders in Sydney

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If you’re planning to hire a home builder then you should learn to look past their promises and assurances. Although local Sydney-based home construction companies can offer a lot of value, many of them tend to offer misleading information when speaking with their clients. To avoid such misconceptions here are three simple tips that you should keep in mind when dealing with home builders.

Cost of Services

Let’s talk about the cost of hiring a home builder first. Most home builders would like to claim that they offer the best prices in their industry, and they will offer you the cheapest estimates just to prove it. However, these estimates can be misleading even if they are accurate.

The best way to ascertain the cost of a home builder’s services is to compare them with other homes and properties in those areas where they built their projects. To do this, you will need to compare their asking price to other similar homes in the neighborhood or even the city. It’s worth mentioning that in Sydney, the average cost of homes is around $1.1 million. So if the home builder’s prices are relatively similar to this amount then the asking price is most likely accurate. If not then your home builder was probably trying to trick you.

Another issue that you should aware of are hidden and ‘TBA’ costs. These hidden costs can increase the price of the home builder’s services far above the original estimate. The best solution for this issue is to ask your home builder for fix price for their services. If the price is fixed then they will not be able to add any additional costs later on, no matter what happens.

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Display Homes

Most people hire home builders on the basis of their sample display homes. However, when you look at these display homes, you should keep in mind that most of their features, like ornate balconies or backyard gazebos, are not even included in most actual projects.

The best way to avoid being tricked by display homes and their features is to ask your home builder about their policies. Will they build your home “as displayed” or will they build something entirely different from what you expected? It’s important to remember that “as displayed” policies are one of the best ways to determine whether or not a home builder is honest.

In addition to the display homes, you should also ask home builders about their affiliations and past projects. In fact, a home builder’s construction portfolio is a more reliable source of information than their display homes, because it shows what kind of projects they usually handle, and what those projects actually look like in real life.


Finally, you will need to consider what kind of features your home builder can offer you. Most Sydney-based home builders can add any number of features to their client’s homes. However, you should prioritize energy in your home’s layout and energy efficiency.

An “energy-efficient” home is best defined as being able to meet or exceed the six-star minimum rating required for most Sydney-based properties. As for the layout, it simply means that your new home is spacious enough to allow inhabitants to walk from one room to another without any problems.